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I’m a Registered BIE (Bio Energetics) Practitioner and CNP (Certified Nutritional Practitioner), with a diploma from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.  

My clinic is based in Vaughan, Ontario. I’m married, have three grown children, and one loveable golden doodle, Ollie.          


Using both BIE and nutrition I uncover the persistent culprits that cause your symptoms, called ‘stressors’. To address the symptoms, I re-introduce the stressors back into your body, along with a tailored nutrition plan, bringing you back to balance (homeostasis). I absolutely enjoy every minute with my clients. I take great pride in watching their transformation, and in supporting them on their journey to wellness.     

Family is my devotion. We enjoy travelling and spending quality time with all those we love. We enjoy food very, very much! Embarking on food adventures, and spending time in my vegetable garden from May to October are my ideal activities. We live and embrace a farm-to-table lifestyle, where food is medicine - It’s what our family practices and it’s a lifestyle that I enjoy sharing with my clients. Fresh, colourful, local and in season is always best.


My wellness journey began in 1992 at the age of 16 when I lost my father to colon cancer.  Our family was absolutely devastated.  We completely altered our lifestyle and food.  Heartbroken, I developed IBS and quickly learned how to heal naturally, both physically and spiritually.  I adopted a proactive healthy lifestyle to prevent chronic disease, and as a result rid my body of its IBS symptoms.

Fast forward, in 2019 my mother was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma (Breast Cancer). In 2021 a dear childhood friend was given the same diagnosis.  It was my determination to support and to help guide them through their mind, body, and spiritual healing journey. Our body speaks to us through our symptoms. It’s what I’ve learned and what I share with my clients; that we must understand why we experience certain physical symptoms. Listening to your body and understanding its message is the path to improving our well-being.

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